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Dining Services

Senior Care

Our Senior Care Dining Services are expertly tailored to meet the unique dietary needs and preferences of seniors. By focusing on nutrition and enjoyment, we offer a range of personalized dining options that accommodate specialized diets, such as low-sodium and diabetic-friendly meals, ensuring both health and culinary satisfaction.


Our catering team collaborates meticulously, focusing on the unique dietary and emotional needs of seniors. We combine familiar favorites with new flavors to elevate each event into a meaningful culinary occasion.

Senior Care Events We Cater

  • Resident Birthdays
  • Community Socials
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Fundraisers
  • Family Visits
  • Staff Appreciations
  • Special Dietary Events
  • Staff Appreciations

Customized Meal Plans

Our Nutritional Wellness Program offers tailored meal plans to address health conditions, including diabetes. We collaborate with healthcare professionals to align menus with specific health requirements.

  • Specialized Diets

    Low-sodium, heart-healthy, and condition-specific diets.

  • Diabetic Support

    Nutritional counseling for blood sugar management.

  • Texture Requirements

    Meal options for easier consumption.

  • Professional Collaboration

    Teamwork with healthcare providers for menu alignment.

Quality and Variety

Our commitment is to provide quality and variety in meal options for seniors. We prioritize fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to enhance both nutrition and taste.

  • Diverse Dietary Needs

    Menus tailored to accommodate health conditions and preferences.

  • Menu Variety

    Offering an array of choices, from farm-fresh to vegetarian and vegan options.

  • Locally-Sourced Ingredients

    Partnering with local suppliers for fresh produce and meats.

  • Nutritional Value

    Focused on enhancing both flavor and health benefits in every meal.

Welness Program

Our Nutritional Wellness Program enhances seniors' overall well-being through specialized meal plans. We address various dietary needs relevant to seniors, including diabetes management and texture restrictions.

  • Diabetes Diets

    Customized meal planning for sugar level management.

  • Nutritional Support

    Providing balanced meals for overall wellness.

  • Texture Modifications

    Food options for chewing and swallowing limitations.

  • Specialized Services

    Additional food-related services for the senior community.